May 24, 2021

Orlando Mayor Dyer Visits Beep HQ

After a year and half of safely of launching Central Florida’s first autonomous shuttle in Lake Nona, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer returned to the place where it all started to see firsthand the growth of the autonomous vehicle network and the success of Beep since launching its first route in September 2019. What started with one route serviced by two autonomous shuttles, has now expanded to the longest and most tenured AV mobility network at one location in North America. Servicing a 17-square-mile development, the Move Nona service has created a highly efficient mobility network within a planned community that connects residential, commercial, retail, recreational, and medical services with five routes and eight shuttles providing connectivity to 10 key destinations.
“I don’t know what I anticipated a couple of years ago when we cut the ribbon on the initial voyage, but Beep has come so far in terms of expanding and testing in different locals and expanding the service here in Orlando. I’m very impressed,” said Mayor Buddy Dyer, City of Orlando. “From autonomous vehicles to all electric buses to vertical takeoff landing vehicles, we want to be known as a future ready city and this plays right into our hand.”
Beep and Lake Nona integrated the alternative mobility network into the community and expanded the routes as the community grows into new areas. The network is supported by Beep’s experience to launch, oversee and manage of all aspects of the service using a variety of autonomous shuttle platforms such as Olli by Local Motors and NAVYA. The Move Nona program provided many firsts for the company and the autonomous vehicle industry including launching Florida’s first Olli vehicle to operate public roads.  “It was great to experience the next generation vehicle. It was a very smooth ride, very comfortable. I can’t wait to see it in operation,” said Dyer. “Having Beep here be known as the hub for autonomous vehicles is important to our future as well.”
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