Oct 08, 2021

Congressman Soto Visits Beep HQ


“Beep is about the future and yet still part of the present. We face huge challenges. We’re one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States. In fact, Florida’s 9th Congressional district is the fastest-growing district. We have a lot of new residents and a great quality of life but we have to protect it. We’re building back better both with infrastructure with combating climate change with being able to create more higher-paying jobs for all Americans. Beep is closely aligned with that on both the automation, the electrifying of our transportation system by reducing emissions, increasing safety and providing key jobs. We’re looking to build back better with Beep.” – Congressman Darren Soto (FL-09)

“We appreciate Beep’s focus on safety – that is everything. These are autonomous vehicles. Eventually, there’ll be no driver there at all and so you’ll have a passenger relying on safety – that is key. We’re really thrilled to see that being stressed. We also appreciate Beep being socially conscious, you all are looking to help us with electrifying our transportation system to help combat climate change and help with our pedestrian issues. We really appreciate that. Then the upward mobility, having folks start out by helping run the vehicles and now they’re in places like finance and R&D and in technology that upward mobility is so important. Finally, we’re just happy and proud to have you all in Medical City here at Lake Nona. I view it as the start – seeds – but soon it’ll grow and we’re proud to be a partner.” – Congressman Darren Soto (FL-09)