Oct 26, 2021

Beep Trains 300th First Responder as Autonomous Footprint Expands in Lake Nona and Nationally

  • Beep’s first multi-platform autonomous shuttle training in Lake Nona for first responders focuses on safety procedures for AVs manufactured by Local Motors and NAVYA
  • Training highlights Beep’s commitment to passenger safety as it continues the expansion of last-mile autonomous shuttle services in Lake Nona and across the nation

ORLANDO – Oct. 26, 2021 – Beep – a global leader in multi-passenger, electric, autonomous mobility solutions – reached a milestone since launching its first shuttle in September 2019 with the training of its 300th first responder as it prepares to expand its testing with new routes in Lake Nona and across the nation. The additional routes will provide first and last-mile autonomous mobility services to Lake Nona’s research facilities, UCF College of Medicine and new developments including the Lake Nona Performance Club and Wave Hotel. The training is Beep’s first multi-platform training conducted in Lake Nona and teaches first responders critical safety procedures for autonomous shuttles manufactured by Local Motors and NAVYA.

“The training of our 300th first responder in Lake Nona is an historic milestone for Beep because it highlights our ongoing commitment to passenger safety, but it also supports our community engagement in Lake Nona. As we increase our testing with additional autonomous shuttle platforms, it’s vital that we engage the first responder community to familiarize them with how the vehicle works so they will know how to engage with the vehicle should the need arise. We are confident our expanded testing in Lake Nona will have a tremendous impact on mobility and make it easier for residents to safely move throughout new parts of the community.”

Joe Moye, CEO, Beep

“We’d like to congratulate Beep on reaching this incredible training milestone and expanding the already successful alternative mobility network in Lake Nona. When Lake Nona and Beep embarked on the Move Nona initiative roughly two years ago, we had a vision of what safer and sustainable autonomous mobility would look like. Our vision has come to reality and blossomed into something that has become the model for other communities to follow.”

Juan Santos, SVP of Innovation, Tavistock Development Company          

 “The Orlando Fire Department proudly invests in state-of-the-art technology, tools, and training to keep our community safe. By partnering with Beep to train our first responders, we remain committed to safety by enhancing our practices and embracing new advances in transportation that Beep has championed.”

Chief Craig Buckley, Interim Chief, Orlando Fire Department

This opportunity to work with Beep gives our Motors officers access to important safety procedures on cutting-edge technology that is sharing our roads. The partnership further ensures our officers can meet our residents’ expectations and deliver the most current public safety services available.”

Lt. Jerry Goglas, Orlando Police Department

Beep: Making Autonomous Mobility a Reality Today…and Tomorrow

The established partnerships with communities like Lake Nona are enhancing Beep’s ability to enhance mobility and connectivity to main corridors and urban areas by working with many municipalities and transit authorities. Beep’s turnkey-managed autonomous mobility services are unlike any other alternatives in the industry and leverage years of experience managing the largest and most tenured autonomous shuttle network in the United States.

What sets Beep apart from other AV service providers is their innovation in both technology development and implementation for planning, deploying, and managing AV fleets. Beep understands the importance of ensuring safe and effective operations of autonomous shuttles on the road today as these technologies continue to mature.