Nov 28, 2021

New Year. New You. New Career…for 2022


The flip of the calendar from one year to the next often signifies – for many – a new start and a change from the year that has ended. It’s the chance to find something different and embark on the next adventure and often that comes in the form of looking for a new career. In fact, if 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that people want change. They want something different from the norm – a break from the traditional to discover something that fits their pace of life.

And it’s not just a handful of people looking for new careers. According to a recent survey by, 55% of Americans will be on the hunt for a new job from now to early-2022.

“One of the biggest things I’m hearing is that people are not living to work, but working to live. It’s a shift from the mentality of solely needing a job to pay the bills,” said Amanda Wolf, Director of Human Resources at Beep. “Another driving factor is wanting to work for someone or something they believe in.”

Wolf added that 99% of the resumes that cross her desk are from applicants who are currently employed and looking for a new job with a company that aligns better with their personal beliefs. Furthermore, the top reason they cite during interviews on why they selected Beep as part of their new job search was based on the company’s mission of reinventing mobility, impacting safety, improving the environment and delivering on transportation equity and access.

“Salary and benefits are important considerations for those looking, but if those are the driving reasons behind a decision to leave a current employer, then you are in search of a job and not a career,” said Wolf. “Instead, people should be searching for opportunities for growth and advancement, aligned personal beliefs to the company’s mission and vision and lastly finding an organization that matches your pace of work.”

Getting past the gatekeeping process within a company is often the hardest part of the process. Thomas Zanders, the lead recruiter at Beep, said there are five things he looks for in all candidates whether he is recruiting for the corporate headquarters, remote software development jobs or those who work in the field.

“In my roughly five years of recruiting, I’ve found that successful candidates who make it through the interview process and become long-term employees always have the same five characteristics. First, do your passions align with our company’s vision and mission. Second, I look at what you’re bringing to the table and how does that fit with the role we are filling. Past titles are important, but transferable skills are paramount because titles vary across companies especially since the roles we are filling are ones that don’t exist in this industry. Third, I like candidates that are driven by change and growth. At Beep, everyone is curious, which is something I love because to be successful you have to be curious. Fourth, do you have a track record of growing your skillset beyond your job title,” said Zanders. “Most importantly and simply put, I want to know that you are a good person. In an organization like Beep where everyone works cross-departmentally, I want to know if you are someone I can work with every day.”

Zanders added that those in the job market have their pickings on where they want to apply. Therefore, both job seekers and those hiring for open roles can be selective on where they work and who they bring into the company.

“Making sure you are working for a company that aligns with your personal beliefs goes along way,” said Zanders. “I was employed prior to joining Beep and I decided to start a new career path with Beep because I knew I could grow professionally and personally with a company that is starting to have a significant role in the future of transportation and developing the software to ensure it operates safely. My job is to find those who are like-minded and share that vision and mission so future employees stay long-term with the goal of growing with the company down the road.”

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