Feb 14, 2022

Benteler, Beep and Mobileye Announce Partnership for Autonomous Movers


Paderborn, Germany / Lake Nona, Florida / Jerusalem, Feb. 14, 2022Partnership plans to develop and deploy autonomous movers to address mobility needs across public and private communities in the US by 2023. The next-generation autonomous vehicle will be an automotive-grade, electric, and safe solution manufactured in the U.S. with the focus of addressing ‘micro-transit’ inequities in first and last-mile transportation networks, including road congestion, road safety and mobility access.

Benteler Electric Vehicle Systems, Beep and Mobileye can address the end-to-end requirements for developing and deploying autonomous movers with competencies encompassing scalable vehicle development, end-to-end systems integration, autonomous driving platforms and turnkey mobility operations management and technology. Beep has worked closely with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as part of its autonomous vehicle test programs and is applying those years of learning across the country to assist in the design of the new platform with an emphasis on safety.

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Joe Moye of Beep on Autonomous Mover Partnership Johann Jungwirth, of Mobileye on Autonomous Mover Partnership Marco Kollmeier of BENTELER on Autonomous Mover Partnership