San Ramon, CA

Contra Costa Transportation Authority

CCTA and Beep are partnering to test autonomous shuttle platforms at a variety of locations throughout the county.  CCTA is exploring how low-speed, autonomous, electric, and shared vehicles can enhance existing services, test how mobile apps for ride-hailing, understand traveler needs, and guide the long-term transportation planning strategy.


The partnership marks Beep’s first West Coast deployment. Through the partnership , Beep and CCTA will deliver two autonomous projects. Both projects will provide CCTA with valuable insight in developing services with autonomous vehicles that will soon underpin dynamic mobility networks in campuses, communities and city centers throughout the county.

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City of San Ramon - Bishop Ranch

The initial project is in the City of San Ramon at Bishop Ranch – a next-generation workplace to a mix of Fortune 500 companies, local startups, retail and residential. The route at Bishop Ranch provides employees, visitors and residents an opportunity to experience autonomous mobility with a four-stop route connecting the San Ramon Transit Center, City Center and various corporate offices.


Experience CCTA

At each of the project locations, Beep leverages its experience in safely testing and monitoring autonomous mobility networks while gathering operational data and insights on shuttle operations and rider perceptions.

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Closing Statement

“CCTA is proud of its leadership in autonomous mobility, and we are excited to partner with Beep for their very first project on the West Coast,” said CCTA Board Chair Federal Glover. “I have no doubt this will be a successful collaboration that gives the public a chance to experience how autonomous shuttles can be integrated into our communities.” location thumb

Next Case Study

North Carolina Department of Transportation

NCDOT and Beep are working in partnership to explore applicable use cases for shared, electric, and autonomous shuttles for communities in North Carolina. The partnership will enable NCDOT to expand its understanding of autonomous technology with the CASSI program and further Beep’s safe testing of autonomous shuttles in real-world environments.  

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