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Beep created an autonomous shuttle route for Miami Dade DTPW within Zoo Miami through a funding opportunity with the Knight Foundation Autonomous Vehicle Grant Initiative. The automated vehicle (AV) shuttle pilot allowed DTPW the ability to explore alternative mobility solutions to inform Miami-Dade County’s future approach to autonomous vehicles.


The Miami Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) explored how emerging transportation technologies such as autonomous vehicles align with the County’s mission of connecting people to places with high-quality, safe, reliable, clean, and efficient mass transit that meets the travel needs of the County’s growing population.  

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Zoo Miami Route

Due to its diverse visitor population with more than one million visitors in 2021, Zoo Miami was an ideal site for Miami Dade DTPW’s AV shuttle pilot to gather information intended to advance DTPW long-term goals and plans. The project consisted of two different routes, a weekday and weekend route, through the Zoo Miami parking lot to provide closer access to the front gate for visitors


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DTPW also partnered with Urban Health Partnerships, Inc. and Ford NEXT LLC. to engage community members and stakeholders across the County to enhance awareness and exposure of the project.

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MSN’s a really smooth ride. It feels safe....

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"It’s not about technology necessarily, but how we address mobility challenges in our community and we cannot think of a better way to do so than actually getting our community engaged,” said Carlos Cruz-Casas, Chief Innovation Officer at Miami Dade DTPW. location thumb

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North Carolina Department of Transportation

NCDOT and Beep are working in partnership to explore applicable use cases for shared, electric, and autonomous shuttles for communities in North Carolina. The partnership will enable NCDOT to expand its understanding of autonomous technology with the CASSI program and further Beep’s safe testing of autonomous shuttles in real-world environments.  

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