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North Carolina Department of Transportation

NCDOT and Beep will test autonomous shuttle technology in two project locations in the state. These projects will enhance NCDOT’s understanding of shared autonomous mobility in practice and evolve the CASSI program as technology continues to advance. The project at UNC Charlotte represents the one of two projects in partnership with Beep. Beep and NCDOT completed a pilot in the Town of Cary at Bond Park.


NCDOT and Beep are working in partnership to explore applicable use cases for shared, electric, and autonomous shuttles for communities in North Carolina. The partnership will enable NCDOT to expand its understanding of autonomous technology with the CASSI program and further Beep’s safe testing of autonomous shuttles in real-world environments.  

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UNC Charlotte

The six-month pilot project will enable NCDOT and the university’s faculty, staff and students to research and evaluate the vehicle and service in a real-world, campus environment. The shuttle’s six-stop, 2.2-mile route connects the Popp Martin Student Union, Greek Village, academic buildings and dormitories and the main campus light rail station located on the LYNX Blue Line. Connecting to the light rail system with Beep’s shared autonomous mobility service provides riders with additional access to existing transportation services on campus.


Experience CASSI

At each of the project locations, Beep leverages its experience in safely testing and monitoring autonomous mobility networks while gathering operational data and insights on shuttle operations and rider perceptions.

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Closing Statement

"The intent of this pilot is to introduce autonomous technologies to the campus community and provide insight on how and where we may be able to leverage this and similar platforms on campus in the future. Our partnership with NCDOT and Beep has allowed this opportunity to take place at UNC Charlotte," said UNC Charlotte Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services Doug Lape. location thumb

Next Case Study

Cumberland Community Improvement District

The Cumberland Hopper program will provide CCID the data collection, performance evaluation, and community feedback to further define and develop the long-term Cumberland Sweep mobility strategy which will be implemented over the next several years. The Sweep is a three-mile plus corridor of dedicated walking and biking lanes strategically designed to connect key destinations throughout the core of the Cumberland CID. 

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