Pinellas County, FL


Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority partnered with Beep to create first/last-mile solutions in a number of communities within Pinellas County.


The Autonomous Vehicle Advantage (AVA) launched with the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority and showcases innovation in transportation with safe, efficient, and clean-energy technology that benefits the community.

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St. Petersburg

The Autonomous Vehicle Advantage (AVA), launched on Bayshore Drive with Beep and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority in the City of Saint Petersburg. It is the first, fully electric autonomous vehicle fleet launched by a transit agency in mixed traffic. Through the Florida Department of Transportation funded project, Beep partnered with PSTA to provide a first-mile and last-mile solution along Bayshore Drive with four stops connecting a hotel, museums, pier, yacht club and Cross Bay ferry service. The free shuttle service operated alongside a bi-directional bike path, cars, buses and other modes of transportation. The vehicle is equipped with an ADA compliant ramp and a Q’Straint system that is deployed by the onboard co-pilot to assist passengers. During the four-month pilot the service safely operated nearly 860 hours and transported nearly 5,000 passengers across more than 2,800 miles.

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Clearwater Beach

The Autonomous Vehicle Advantage (AVA) second test city was Clearwater Beach along Gulfview Boulevard. Beep partnered with PSTA to provide a first/last-mile solution along the beach with six stops along the boulevard connecting hotels, a pier, and parking lots. During the five-week pilot safely traveled nearly 770 miles and transported nearly 2,800 passengers.

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St. Petersburg
Clearwater Beach

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Future plans for PSTA include testing additional AV platforms in various use cases within Pinellas County, including the City of Dunedin to service a spring training facility, library, retail and residential area.

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Closing Statement

“We are beyond excited for the community to try this all new experience with AVA. Like an attraction at Disney World, we hope all who come to enjoy AVA leave with a better understanding of how technology can help enhance safety all while providing clean-energy solutions that could transform transportation,” said Brad Miller, Chief Executive Officer of PSTA. location thumb

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Tradition in Motion enhances mobility and connectivity within this planned development using an autonomous vehicle network to connect various residential areas to the goods and services across this 15 square mile community.

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