Cary, N.C.

Bond Park

NCDOT and Beep will test autonomous shuttle technology in two project locations in the state. These projects will enhance NCDOT’s understanding of shared autonomous mobility in practice and evolve the CASSI program as technology continues to advance.

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NCDOT and Beep are working in partnership to explore applicable use cases for shared, electric, and autonomous shuttles for communities in North Carolina. The partnership will enable NCDOT to expand its understanding of autonomous technology with the CASSI program and further Beep’s safe testing of autonomous shuttles in real-world environments.

The first pilot project will operate in  Cary, North Carolina's  Fred G. Bond Metro Park, one of the largest municipal parks in Wake County. The four-stop, two-mile route provides an innovative and environmentally friendly mobility solution for residents and visitors to easily access the 310-acre park at their leisure.

"The future of transportation includes shared mobility options that are as convenient, reliable, affordable, clean and as safe as driving, and allow every person equal access to opportunities and services. The CASSI shuttle helps make this vision a reality."

Eric Boyette
Secretary, NCDOT

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