Jacksonville, Fla.

U2C: Ultimate Urban Circulator

Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) is engaged in testing various AV initiatives at its Test and Learn facility.

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Through a public and private partnership, the Jacksonville Transportation Authority is helping support the rigorous testing of autonomous vehicles in order to expand mobility possibilities for their community.

JTA has plans to redesign an existing Skyway in Jacksonville and modernize it by repurposing an outdated automated people mover into an autonomous transportation network. The Ultimate Urban Circulator will expand its existing automated people mover system into an urban circulator system that transitions to street level to provide greater connectivity. 

The JTA initiative focuses on solutions such as AV Shuttles and Autonomous kits that will be suitable for their Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) Project in the Jacksonville urban core.  Multiple vehicles and autonomous solutions from the industry are expected to be tested and evaluated in order to develop specifications and validation for the U2C Project.

For more information on JTA's U2C project, visit the U2C site

“Those communities that prepare themselves for this new technology will be the communities that can leverage it for economic development, helping our customers travel more efficiently, and most importantly, they need to do it safely.” 

Nathaniel P. Ford Sr
CEO, Jacksonville Transportation Authority

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