Jacksonville, Fla.

Florida State College

FSCJ is the first college campus in the state of Florida to deploy autonomous shuttles.

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The Jacksonville Transportation Authority in partnership with the Florida State College at Jacksonville, has launched two autonomous shuttles for students and visitors. 

The shuttles connect students, faculty, and visitors across the FSCJ Downtown Jacksonville campus on a one-mile route that connects the Advanced Technology Center with Buildings A, B, C and D. 

The launch of these electric and autonomous platforms builds upon the years of testing and validation done by JTA at the FSCJ Cecil Center test and learn track and at the Armsdale Test and Learn Center; both facilities devoted to evaluating the best of breed autonomous technologies ahead of Phase 1 of the U2C, the Bay Street Innovation Corridor, in 2025.

For more information on JTA's U2C project, visit the U2C site.

“Our partnership with FSCJ and our industry partners Beep and Oxa goes beyond merely deploying autonomous vehicles on campus – it marks a significant stride towards enhancing mobility in Jacksonville, making it more efficient and safer." 

Nat Ford
CEO, Jacksonville Transportation Authority

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