Autonomous mobility for all.

Our shared mobility networks safely connect communities and extend mobility options while reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

Meet Beep


ZF announces partnership with Beep, unveils next-generation autonomous shuttle

Partnership combines ZF’s ATS with Beep’s mobility services and service management platform into a single-source autonomous mobility solution.

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Holon unveils Level 4 autonomous shuttle at CES

Designed by Pininfarina and powered by Mobileye, the new shuttle will be brought to the U.S. by Beep.

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01 What We Do

Autonomous Mobility

We provide the intelligence which enables safe, stress-free, eco-friendly, driverless mobility.

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02 How We Do It


Our offerings provide customers turnkey mobility networks for scheduled and on-demand transportation services in first-mile, last-mile use cases. Beep leads the entire launch, oversight, and ongoing management of all aspects for each deployment to deliver a safe, clean, high-quality, autonomous rider experience.

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03 Technology & Services

Actualized Autonomy

Beep partners with the leading innovators of autonomous shuttle platforms to integrate a total solution based on the requirements of the communities and transit providers we serve. Our unique software and command center always ensure rider safety through continuous monitoring oversight and personal interaction underpinned by the contextual and situational intelligence generated from each trip.

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04 Our Impact

Quality of Life

Autonomous, electric mobility solutions will have a critical impact in so many areas of life.

  • Safety
    Over 30,000 lives are lost each year on U.S. roadways. 94% of all accidents are a result of human error or impairment. Autonomous technologies respond up to 10x faster than human reaction times and they are never distracted nor impaired. Use of these platforms will save lives.
  • Environment
    Our mobility platforms are 100% electric and have proven to deliver a positive, measurable impact on carbon emissions. Additionally, our shuttles can carry more people than a traditional vehicle resulting in fewer cars on the road and a material impact on the environment.
  • Mobility-For-All
    Accessible and equitable mobility are focal points of our mission. We work with key groups such as the ADA community to continually advance our platforms to ensure safe access for people of all abilities. Beep also engages with our transit partners in planning arterial routes which make mobility a reality in underserved areas and communities.
  • Human Productivity
    Utilizing Beep’s safe and convenient transportation options save time and provide a productive alternative to personal transportation. Our solutions help reduce the stress caused by many traffic scenarios and free up time to positively impact personal productivity.
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05 Markets We Serve

Use Cases

Delivering mobility services for routes too far to walk and not far enough for the driving hassle.

  • Planned Communities
    Live, work, play communities distinguish themselves through technology, innovation, and ease of access to goods and services across an area. Imagine the ability to efficiently reach your living, shopping, dining, employment, health services, retail, nutrition, schools, arts and other activities in the safety and comfort of a reliable mobility network.
  • Campuses
    We service academic, business and healthcare campuses to provide ease of mobility for visitors, employees, students, and patients. Common uses include connecting remote areas of a campus, centralized parking, mobility for key services in the area and important arterial routes from public transit.
  • City Centers
    Most downtown areas seek to reduce traffic congestion and better address parking constraints. Our innovative mobility services address these challenges and dramatically improve access to government and business services, downtown community connections and transit extensions to connect all.
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